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May 2023 Data Summit – Washington, DC

May 2-3, 2023
PESC Data Summits are comprised of 1.5 days of General Sessions, followed by 0.5 days of Breakout Sessions.  
All General Sessions are presented in conference-style format w/ Featured Speakers & Panelists.
Breakout Sessions are presented in working meeting format in which workgroups, initiatives & task forces convene, some with remote access (Zoom).​​

Early Bird Rates by April 7, 2023
​      $950   General Public
      $750   PESC Member
Regular Rates after April 7, 2023
​   $1,200  General Public
      $995  PESC Member
Hybrid Rate until April 28, 2023

Conference Materials
Artificial Intelligence – James Wiley, LISTedTECH

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) – Ross Santy, US NCES

Common Digital Layout (CDL) – Joseph Minichini, UoT; Jennifer Kitching, OUAC

Digitally Transforming the Talent Marketplace – Taylor Hansen, USCCF/T3

FAFSA Simplification – Francisco Valines, FIU

JSON-LD Transcript – Rick Skeel, Workgoup Chair

Microcredentials Project – Bert van der Geest, Digitary by Parchment

State Interests in Bridging K12 to Higher Education in Iowa – Roger Petersen, Iowa

State-Wide Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) in Minnesota State Colleges & Universities – Mike McIntyre, AcademyOne

CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022 – Montreal


The Voice for Digital Student Data Across Canada

The CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022 will be held October 25, 2022.

Collaboration throughout Canada is nurtured, robust and inspirational.  Like in the US, transition from paper processes toward more digital and mobile methods has been incremental, with promising yet intermittent successes.  The challenges faced in implementing and maintaining systems & technology – from budgeting to development to governance, among many others – are correspondingly similar and sometimes overwhelming.

PESC’s founding in 1997 was made by a small, passionate community of individuals in collaboration with Canada and Canadian representation, and is woven into every fabric of PESC. 

PESC learned from its founding members like AACRAO, EFC, Ellucian, NASFAA and the US Department of Education, the value of collaboration and adopted best practice models from organizations like ANSI and SPEEDE. 

At its heart, the PESC community looks to and desires to improve their technology and overall interoperability.

To accomplish their common goals and overcome the many challenges, these individuals understand the need to seek education, guidance and best practices on emerging technology and standards.  They value networking and connecting with others with similar interests in an open, friendly environment to discuss new ideas and innovations.  These shared values still remain true and when convened as a community, create a powerful force.

As systems and technology have grown and expanded, so did the need to institutionalize Canadian representation within PESC. 

And so, as they say, the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (CanPESC) was formed in 2011 as a permanent group within PESC.

CanPESC fostered the relationship – now a solid, formal partnership – between PESC and ARUCC.  In meeting monthly since its founding, CanPESC collaborates across all provinces and territories to discuss common problems and common solutions.  CanPESC has produced valuable outputs like the Common Digital Layout, and supports critical initiatives like the ARUCC/PCCAT Transcript & Transfer Guide, and MyCreds | MesCertif.

As a semi-autonomous group within PESC, yet under jurisdiction of the Board of Directors and the PESC mission, CanPESC has the freedom and ability to set its own agenda.  CanPESC has met during every Data Summit and has met separately (in day-long convenings) at OUAC in Guelph (2018) and McGill University in Montreal (2019).

As we emerge into the next chapter of our digital journey, we reconvene to further the legacy of innovation and collaboration, and proudly announce the CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022 for October 25, 2022!  

A special thank you to Sponsor and Host EducationPlannerBC!

CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022
October 25, 2022
609 Granville Street – Suite 950
Vancouver BC  V7Y 1H2
8.30am – 5.00pm

Please note, while meetings are free and open, seating is limited and may be restricted to CanPESC User Group Members.  Registration includes:

– Meeting Space and WIFI
– Morning Coffee & Pastries
– Catered Lunch
– Afternoon Break

Guest registration is available for additional interested parties along with the option to join the CanPESC User Group as a Member on a regular basis. 

Please note the program agenda is under development and will be issued through the CanPESC User Group.

AACRAO – American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ARUCC – Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada
EFC – Education Finance Council
NASFAA – National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
OUAC – Ontario Universities’ Application Centre
PCCAT – Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions & Transfer
SPEEDE – Standardization of Postsecondary Electronic Education Data Exchange Committee

CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022

Organizations Attending in Person

  • ​Campus Manitoba
  • ​Digitary by Parchment
  • EducationPlannerBC
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • OCAS
  • OUAC
  • PESC

Organizations Attending Virtually

  • University of Waterloo
October 2022 Data Summit – Montreal

Presentation Slides
Featured Speakers
Outstanding Service Awards

Conference Info
October 26-28, 2022
>> Conference Hotel
We are pleased to offer October 2022 Data Summit attendees a special discounted hotel rate of $219 CAD (available until September 30, 2022) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver.
>> What’s included in Registration?
Included in Registration Fees for the October 2022 Data Summit are all General Sessions and all Breakout Sessions, plus:
  – 25th Anniversary Reception (1st day)
  – Awards Ceremony & Luncheon (1st day)
  – Continental breakfast on 3 mornings
  – Coffee breaks w/ sweets/treats on 2 afternoons
  – Coffee breaks on 3 mornings

>>  CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022
Registration for the CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022 on Tuesday October 25, 2022 is free and separate from Registration for the October 2022 Data Summit.  To register for the CanPESC Annual Meeting 2022, complete the Registration Form at CanPESC page.
>> Program Committee​
PESC is pleased to include Ruth Blades, Executive Director of Council on Admission & Transfer for Nova Scotia, and Monterey Sims, Director of Admissions & Evaluation at University of Phoenix (both serving on the PESC Board of Directors ) as Co-Chairs of the Program Committee for the October 2022 Data Summit.  Joining the Committee are Karen McCredie, Executive Director of EducationPlannerBC and Jennifer Kim, PESC Membership Services Director.  Thank  you for all your efforts in making this a successful event!

>>  Breakouts​ (PDT)
 Gender Identity Task Force – Thursday October 27, 2022 – 1.30pm
– GEO Code User Group – Thursday October 27, 2022 – 3.00pm
– JSON Transcript Workgroup / JSON Task Force – Friday October 28, 2022 – 8.30am
– Microcredentials Task Force – Friday October 28, 2022 – 10.30am
>> Recognizing AACRAO & Ellucian in 2022
PESC honors two Founding Member Organizations –AACRAO & Ellucian – that have maintained consistent PESC Membership & representation on the PESC Board of Directors since the beginning.  Thank you AACRAO & Ellucian!
Read more here.

>> Commemorating with PESC VIPs in 2022
Long-time PESC Members and standards champions, including AACRAO, AcademyOne, CATNS, Ellucian, Florida International University, National Student Clearinghouse, Oracle, OUAC, Parchment, University of Phoenix, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reflect on PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary and share their personal thoughts.
> Read more here.

>> 24th Annual Best Practices Competition
PESC’s 24th Annual Best Practices Competition is now open for entries & submissions.  The deadline is March 31, 2023 and 1st Place Awards are made on the opening day of the April 2023 Data Summit.
Read more here.

>> New Sponsorship Opportunities
With PESC celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary in 2022, we’ve developed new Sponsorship Opportunities for Annual Sponsorship and Data Summit Sponsorship. 
Read more here
>> Registration Cancellation Policy
All cancellation & refund requests must be submitted to PESC in writing (e.g. email) and will be processed 30 calendar days after the October 2022 Data Summit concludes.  Any person who registers and decides not to attend MUST submit a formal cancellation request – otherwise full payment is due.  Cancellation & refund requests made by Friday October 7, 2022 may be considered for a refund upon request.  Any cancellation & refund request made after October 7, 2022 is not eligible for a refund regardless of the attendance of the registrant.  All cancellation & refund requests must be submitted to:  Jennifer Kim, Membership Services Director, PESC, 1250 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC, 20036.  Cancellation & refund requests may also be sent to
>> Registration PolicyPESC requires that all speakers, moderators, chairs & attendees of April & October Data Summits register and remit registration fees to attend Data Summits.  PESC thanks all speakers, moderators & chairs and is truly grateful for their efforts in volunteering to provide updates and presentations at April & October Data Summits.  Only in rare instances, however (that is if a speaker is only attending a Data Summit for a specific session or presentation), can registration fees be considered for waiver and only by the PESC office.​​
>> Notice of Filming & RecordingBy participating in this event, you agree that you may be photographed, filmed and recorded, and you grant PESC and our affiliates the right to use, publish, and copyright your picture, likeness and/or name and/or audio recording in videos and/or photos taken during this event for use by PESC and our affiliates throughout the world, in perpetuity, and through media.​​

Travel & Links

> Map – Downtown Vancouver & Hyatt Regency Hotel
Out & About in Vancouver
International Travel into Canada
Travel and Transportation Tips
To ensure a smooth travel experience, here’s a quick checklist to help you prepare:
Documentation – Make copies or take pictures with your phone camera of all important documents & make sure they are up to date (passport and/or visa, vaccination card, hotel confirmation, baggage claim ticket, driver’s license, airline/hotel member cards, etc.).
Boarding Passes – Take screenshots and/or make copies of all boarding passes, itineraries and receipts.
Packing – Pack appropriately and efficiently, and don’t bring any extra items you would miss if lost. 

Valuables – Bring with you and carry on the airplane all important documents, valuable items and medications.
Transportation from Airport – Train.  The Canada Line connects Vancouver International Airport to downtown Vancouver in under 30 minutes and runs between 5:00 am to 1:00 am.  The cost is $9.25.  Take the train to the Vancouver City Centre Station, exit onto Georgia Street and take a left, the Hyatt Regency Vancouver is located two short blocks away at 655 Burrard Street. Please visit for more information.
Transportation from Airport – Taxi.  Taxis are available from the Airport to the hotel at a flat fare of $35 plus tip.  Taxis to the Airport from the hotel are at the metered rate, approximately $35 – $45 plus tip.

Parking and Map – Hotel.  Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel.

For Domestic Travel within Canada and to Board a Plane   
All current information with important details related to domestic travel within Canada is located here.

For International Travel into Canada and to Board a Plane  
All current information with important details related to international travel into Canada is located here.

PESC does not require proof of vaccination or face masks at Data Summits and attendees should feel comfortable in both wearing and not wearing masks.

April 2022 Data Summit – Washington, DC

Welcome Letter
Reception Invitation
Photo Gallery

A Time To Reflect
It all started in 1990 with one standard – the transcript. 
At that time organizations and leaders across higher education, PK12, technology and government worked together for years to develop and release the first digital format for the machine-to-machine exchange of student data as a public standard.

The transcript standard has been enhanced many times since with updated versions and standardized options available in PDF, XML (and soon to be JSON) in addition to the existing EDI one. 
The process of collaboration, the level of detail needed within technical documentation, the talent and expertise gathered under a common mission, combined with an open, transparent and neutral environment, served as the ingredients for successful publication of standards when PESC was founded in 1997.

A Time to be Bold
Mobility alone is not enough. 
The same can be said about standards.  We learn through Best Practices that it takes tremendous amounts of time, outreach, effort, collaboration, funding and resources – in normal times, to achieve successful outcomes.

Interoperability alone is not enough. 

It is through interoperability we achieve our shared goals of improved user-friendly services and improved efficiencies.  Whether you are starting a project or if your project is firmly established and well underway, we know systems are complicated. 
At PESC we advocate for the convergence of technical interoperability AND business interoperability. Here are some recommendations to help you along your journey:

> Data Standards – adopt, align with & implement community-sourced data standards

> Data Governance – support (or establish) an open, transparent, collaborative, cross-sector group of stakeholders

> Data Advocacy – advocate & socialize high prioritization of data standards and best practices in both policymaker and IT sectors

> Data Usage– commit to using high-quality, open data across all applications, systems and networks

> Data Perspective – adopt and ensure a lifelong (‘P20W’) and international perspective in all aspects of development

The community that convenes at PESC Data Summits best exemplifies these values. 
In marking our 25th year, it seems the need for standards and technology have never been greater.
We call on the PESC community to maintain and continue your individual efforts, and to join together under a common mission, as we boldly move forward.​​​​​​​

Collaboration is the key.

​​​​Join us and celebrate PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary in 2022!
Hundreds of millions of students throughout the United States of America, Canada, and around the world have been supported by PESC Approved Standards since that time. 
We documented the overall process of standards development, approval and maintenance, and published PESC Approved Standards for Academic Credentials, Admissions, Course Inventory, ePortfolio, High School Transcript, Test Scores and Financial Aid (grants & loans).

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, to National Student Clearinghouse and Parchment (among many others), to Stanford University and all of the California Community Colleges, PESC is fulfilling its mission of fostering open, transparent collaboration; solving common, industry-shared problems; and bringing much needed clarity and cohesion to the education ecosystem.

Built by Members, PESC Approved Standards are solid, proven and implemented across almost every state in the US and province in Canada.  PESC events and summits at which top leaders, best practices & emerging technologies are highlighted and featured, have been held annually since the beginning. 

Join us at the April 2022 Data Summit
in Washington, D.C., register today
with Early Bird rates and join us 
for a very special in-person convening
to celebrate PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary!

Data Summits are unique convenings
at which emerging topics, technologies
& policy initiatives are highlighted. 

Topics and discussion focus on national and international implementation, cost/benefit analysis, student and learner behavior, use/business cases, & institutional performance.

We are pleased to offer attendees a discounted hotel rate of $279 (available through March 28, 2022) as PESC returns to the beautiful and centrally-located Dupont Circle Hotel. 

What’s Included in Registration Fees:

> 25th Anniversary Reception

> Awards Ceremony and Luncheon

> Continental breakfast on 3 mornings

> Coffee breaks with sweets & treats on 2 afternoons

> Coffee breaks on 3 mornings

>> Program Committee
PESC is pleased to announce Ruth Blades, Executive Director of Council on Admission & Transfer for Nova Scotia, and Monterey Sims, Director of Admissions & Evaluation at University of Phoenix (both serving on the PESC Board of Directors ) as Co-Chairs of the Program Committee for the April 2022 Data Summit.  Joining the Committee are Karen McCredie, Executive Director of EducationPlannerBC and Jennifer Kim, PESC Memberships Services Director.

>> Recognizing Two Founding PESC Members
PESC honors two Founding Member Organizations – AACRAO Ellucian – that have maintained consistent PESC Membership and representation on the PESC Board of Directors since the beginning. 

>> Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Executive Director to Keynote
PESC is pleased to announce Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Executive Director, as Keynote Speaker!  Melanie will present “Implementing Success,” and will mark PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary.
>> Commemorating with PESC VIPs
Long-time PESC Members and standards champions, including AcademyOne, CATNS, Florida International University, National Student Clearinghouse, Oracle, OUAC, Parchment, University of Phoenix, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will join AACRAO and Ellucian to reflect on PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary and share their personal thoughts.

>> 23rd Annual Best Practices Competition
PESC’s 23rd Annual Best Practices Competition is now open for entries and submissions.  The deadline is April 1, 2022 and 1st Place Awards are made on the opening day of the Data Summit, Monday April 25, 2022. 

>> New Sponsorship Opportunities
With PESC celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary in 2022, we’ve developed new Sponsorship Opportunities for Annual Sponsorship and Data Summit Sponsorship. 
>> Your Health & Safety – Our #1 Concern
PESC’s return to Washington, D.C. and the April 2022 Data Summit is fast approaching!  We are excited to be meeting in-person again and thrilled with the lineup of Featured Speakers and sessions!

Your health and safety remain our top priorities so we’re providing detailed information about Washington, D.C., the Dupont Circle Hotel and what to expect for the April 2022 Data Summit.

With improvements in the overall COVID-19 Pandemic being reached, all mask and proof of vaccination mandates have been discontinued in Washington, D.C.  See the Washingtonian for a recent article (

Masks may still be required on airline flights and on certain public transportation, so we recommend always having a mask on-hand.

The Dupont Circle Hotel has published extensive information on health and sanitization, including what to expect on arrival, during your stay, overall hotel cleanliness and hygiene protocols for guests and staff, and logistics for meetings & events.  See the Dupont Circle Hotel for all information (Dupont Circle Hotel – Rest Assured Program).

There are no special health requirements for registering and attending the April 2022 Data Summit.  Attendees will not be required to provide proof of vaccination status or to wear masks, though wearing masks in and during sessions is optional.

PESC and hotel staff will be on-site and available 24/7 for any concerns.

Quick Links
>> Dupont Circle Hotel
>> Map of Washington, D.C. (Dupont Circle)
>> Local Attractions & Things To Do
>> Smithsonian Museums, Galleries & Zoo
>> Trains & Buses
>> Airports
>> Weather